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Warrior Creatine Review

Today, we’re reviewing Warrior Creatine powder, a creatine monohydrate supplement that’s gaining popularity in bodybuilding circles.

It’s one of the best-selling creatine mono powders on Amazon and boasts thousands of positive customer reviews. But is this creatine supplement just hype, or actually worth buying and beneficial to your gains?

The short answer is yes, Warrior creatine is a potent supplement for increasing strength and muscle mass gains. It’s made by KBF – a leading Nutritional Life Sciences company that manufactures a range of sports supplements, produced in a UK-based GMP Certified cutting-edge factory.

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What’s Inside Warrior Creatine?

Warrior has chosen to use pure micronized creatine monohydrate – and nothing else (with the exception of flavoured options, which contain some natural sweeteners and colourings).

Supplementation with creatine monohydrate – which is made up of the amino acids L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine – has been shown to increase the phosphocreatine/creatine in muscle tissue, thus boosting the capacity for rapid adenosine triphosphate (ATP) resynthesis during high-intensity exercises, like weight lifting.

Warrior has opted for the cleanest, high absorbing, and most research-proven type of create to use in this fair-priced supplement.

One of the stand-out things about Warrior Creatine is the range of delicious flavours. The only slight drawback to the flavoured option is the addition of colouring and sweetener. With that said, they use Stevia as a sweetener, which is all-natural and comes from the stevia plant leaves. It’s around 200x as sweet as regular sugar, but it has zero carbs, calories, or unnatural additives.

How Does Warrior Creatine Taste and Mix?

As mentioned, this Warrior brand of creatine is renowned for its great tasting range of flavours – Blue Raspberry, Blazin Berry, Savage Strawberry, and a limited edition Killer Cotton Candy. There’s also a plane-unflavored version that you can use to mix with any flavoured drink or whey protein.

Warrior has chosen to use micronized creatine over regular creatine because micronized creatine blends into liquid better. There’s little chance of lumps or dry clumps when mixed in water or juice, and comes with the benefit of improved obstipation in your muscles.

You can mix this creatine with plain water, or still flavoured energy drink, or even into a whey protein shake without affecting the consistency. Reviewers have said that it mixes and tastes better than Optimum Nutritions Creatine, a premium competitor.

Although I have not compared these creatine head-to-head (yet) myself, I can confirm that the blue raspberry flavour is delicious and mixes perfectly with water. There was no powdery residue or lumps, or aftertaste – it went down smooth with a sweet raspberry kick.

One thing I would say, if you’re mixing with water, make sure to use enough water 300- 500ml so that the creatine is diluted down enough because if you use too little water, the mix will be too sweet.

Some people have reported that the seal of the tub is broken, but this small piercing is part of the manufacturing process and is there for ventilation, so don’t worry if your tub of Warrior Creatine has this small vent hole – it’s normal.

For those who don’t like mixing and drinking creatine in powder form, Warrior has this creatine in tablet form in tubs of 60.

Warrior Creatine Key Features:

  • 60 Servings from a 300g tub
  • Should last 1 – 2 months depending on how much creatine you take
  • 4 awesome flavours (or unflavored)
  • Smooth mixing with no lumps
  • 5g of quality micronized creatine monohydrate per serving