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Our Team

At Fitness Click, we’re mad about all things home fitness. Our small but mighty team of experts will help guide you to the perfect equipment for your home gym setup. Whether you’re a bodybuilder looking to pack on muscle and strength with potent supplements and heavy weights, or someone looking to improve cardio fitness with a home treadmill or the latest exercise bike and smart nutrition advice – we’re here to help!

With articles written by leading experts in the fitness industry, you can make your next supplement or exercise equipment purchase with confidence. All your home fitness needs are just a click away.

Barry Lumsden

AUTHOR AND chief editor, an expert in bodybuilding (PT)

Barry has written for many top bodybuilding and fitness publications and is the author of Optimum Mass, a science-based training, nutrition, and supplementation program for building muscle. He also founded Relentless Gains, a former go-to resource for muscular development.

Shannon Clark

(BSc) Exercise Science and certified personal trainer

Shannon graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science (BSc) and sports performance. She has over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry.

Jim Brewster

Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Supplement Formulator

Jim is an award-winning author with certifications in sports nutrition. He has formulated sports performance supplements such as pre-workouts and muscle builders. His articles can be found on and

Justin Woltering

Fitness coach, Writer and Founder of Mind Muscle Academy

Justin is the man behind The Mind Muscle Academy and he worked with Dymatize Nutrition. His shredded muscular physique and expert coaching style has landed him on over 20 magazine covers and his work has been published on some of the worlds leading bodybuilding and fitness sites.

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